A Classic Example of What's Wrong With Media Matters: Twisting Truth to Censor–Not Correct–Andrew Breitbart

Media Matters for America (MMfA) must be really afraid of Andrew Breitbart. Once again, he’s their number one target for elimination from mainstream media appearances–even ahead of conservative media luminary Rush Limbaugh, whom MMfA hates with a passion.

The above attack, on MMfA’s front page, is pathetic in form and function. (Note to MMfA editors: “vigorously” only has one “u,” unless you’re not writing to be read by Americans.)

MMfA’s intent is not to respond to anything Breitbart said on CNN–where he defended South Carolinians and conservatives against mainstream media attacks–but to protest the fact that he appeared on CNN.

And what, according to MMfA, has Breitbart said or done that would justify his exclusion from American public discourse? Let’s take each claim in turn:

Shirley Sherrod’s NAACP audience – Breitbart opined that the audience approved of her remarks–which MMfA cannot dispute. So they focus on the distinction between “applauding” and “clapping,” terms Breitbart had used on different occasions. That’s his alleged “lie.”

The Cartoon on Big Journalism – This is classic projection; we are still waiting for MMfA to apologize for antisemitic terminology used by senior staff. The cartoon in question had been in circulation elsewhere, and was removed as soon as its origins were suspected.

Ethnic Profiling – This is MMfA’s attempt to cry “racist!” by suggesting Breitbart supports an extreme form of discrimination, rather than the consideration of alternatives to random security checks at airports–a position that he shares with the majority of Americans.

Gender-Based Attacks – This is simply more projection from MMfA, whose senior fellow, Eric Boehlert, recently joined in such a “gender-based attack” on Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch on a liberal talk show whose hosts referred to her as “screechy” and “emotional.”

That’s all there is to MMfA’s five-alarm, front-page assault on CNN’s right to invite Andrew Breitbart to appear on a news program–one whose host had previously referred to him as “notoriously evil,” hardly rolling out the red carpet.

The attack on Andrew Breitbart is a classic example of what’s wrong with MMfA. The organization does not exist to correct conservatives, but to censor them, dodging taxes and rewriting history in its effort to refashion an already-liberal media in its totalitarian image.