MMfA Mocks Natural Family Planning as Though It Doesn't Exist

WARNING FOR MEN: This will be a discussion about personal women stuff. Blame it on Media Matters for America. This is a tweet from MMfA:

Morons. Complete and stupid morons. Did they ever bother to do some fact checking? The link leads to audio of Dana’s show last Friday. She explained how women can know when they ovulate. MMfA obviously doesn’t believe her.

Let me tell you something MMfA. I and millions of other women use our cycles as a way to not get pregnant. I also use it to get pregnant. It’s called Natural Family Planning. Here’s a little education for you: I wake up at the same time every day to take my temperature with a basal body temperature thermometer. Watching your temps allows you to know when you ovulate. A few spikes in temps followed by a huge spike tells you that you ovulated. There’s also these simple things called ovulation tests!

So again why are you tax exempt when you constantly FAIL? I thought it was your job to fact check the media. Before you call out someone maybe, just maybe, you should do some investigating and make sure this person is 100% false. Otherwise you come out looking like fools you are. Next time, do some research.