Nobody Expects The Progressive Inquisition!

During the rise of the tea party Anderson Cooper called conservatives “tea baggers” on CNN and remarked about “teabagging.” The network featured a multitude of guests and contributors who likened tea partiers to nazis, bigots, pick your poison. No pressure was ever brought about to censor the speech of those babbling on air. CNN never found any of the remarks objectionable. Fast-forward to present time. Dana Loesch mocks the absurdity of the left’s predictable Outrage Chic on her radio show, Erick Erickson mocks occupiers on his radio show, Roland Martin mocks soccer (who doesn’t mock soccer?) and David Beckham’s underwear using his personal Twitter account and all hell breaks loose. Note: not a single one of these individuals said any of this on CNN’s airwaves, as demonstrated above. That doesn’t matter to the Progressive Inquisition.

Progressives have been falling over themselves to get Loesch and Erickson fired from CNN since CNN decided it wasn’t going to actually attempt to make money and offer a variety of opinion. Progressives hate variety, they loathe diversity of thought. The George Soros mouthpiece, Media Matters for America actually pays people to listen to Erickson and Loesch’s radio shows, record them, and try to trump up outrage over nothing. For instance, last week Loesch said that women can use birth control methods such as pills, condoms, and natural family planning as their “choice,” as opposed to the “choice” of murdering a baby. Eric Boehlert, a man who, to our knowledge, is not a licensed OB/GYN and has not, to our knowledge, ever been a woman at any time, mocked the idea that a woman is smart enough on her own to actually prevent pregnancy naturally. Because they don’t teach about menstrual cycles in high school, or the most fertile times of the month for a woman, information Boehlert apparently missed out on in school. They tried to get CNN’s attention with it on Twitter after posting it to their site.

Erickson joked about violent, raping, drug peddling occupiers getting tased — the violent movement MMfA endorsed — and MMfA/Boehlert put the clip on their site and also tried to get CNN’s attention with it. MMfA endorsed Occupy, defended it, and said nothing with this hit a cop in the face with a brick, when women were being raped, drugs being sold, absolutely nothing when the White House was shot up and smoke bombs were thrown by occupy campers. That wasn’t bad enough to earn their condemnation but cracking a joke when one of them is so out of control they have to be tasered for the safety of the police — and the person who cracked the joke is the bad guy. Those are their priorities.

They failed. They did the same thing last month as well, completely proving the point Loesch was making about hysterical reactions to the Marines appearing to urinate on the bodies of dead terrorists who had just tried to kill them in battle.

CNN didn’t fire Loesch, they didn’t fire Erickson, either which enraged Boehlert and MMfA. It showed their impotence, their weakness, that no one truly gives a damn what they do all day over on their little corner of the Internet.

Roland Martin spent Super Bowl Sunday writing #rolandsrules, jokes about watching the Super Bowl. I cannot stand the man’s politics and I damn near hated him during the midterm elections because he was one of the racial demagogues who called tea partiers every name in the book. His Tweets were funny. He joked about appetizers, about soccer — because soccer is stupid — and David Beckham’s underwear. His Tweets angered GLAAD, who believe that they have the patent on soccer and David Beckham’s underwear, thus if you insult and/or mock them, they will take it as gay bashing. Advocacy to GLAAD is trolling Twitter trying to see how many different ways innocuous Tweets can offend them.

GLAAD does more to make a mockery of themselves than Martin or anyone else could ever do.

CNN suspended Martin over the Tweets as they are close with GLAAD.

Writes SooperMexican:

The filthy liberals at Think Progress are so hellbent on getting conservative Tea Party activist Dana Loesch fired from CNN, they’ll go as far as toequate homosexuals to the Taliban.

Bets that GLAAD won’t chirp a word about that? No, they won’t, just like they didn’t say anything about the “teabagging” example above.

Progressives have comically eaten one of their own, and now are fighting with each other over whom to blame. Through it all they’ve also managed to turn it into a race issue: that somehow Erickson and Loesch weren’t fired because they’re white and Martin was suspended because he’s black.

No, Martin was suspended because CNN doesn’t want to hurt relations with GLAAD and GLAAD find offense where non exists. That’s right: GLAAD is more powerful than the Soros media. They can fabricate an offense out of thin air and hurt someone professionally over it. It’s not just fascism, it’s defamation. But that’s how progressives roll. They won’t point the fingers at GLAAD, no, they’ll double down on the stupidity.

Martin likened conservative tea partiers to racists before. Funny how those are the only people sticking up for his free speech now. You remember that, Roland Martin. Remember who really gives a damn about free speech, because it sure as hell isn’t your ideological brethren. Progressives did this to you.

Funny how white progressives attacked a black liberal and attributed an offense to him that he did not make. Funny how Think Progress decided to use something GLAAD accused Martin of doing to attack Loesch and Erickson. Think Progress won’t dare criticize the progressives actually responsible for Martin’s suspension.

But really, it’s not funny, none of it. It’s sad. It’s sad that some people are so desperate to win an argument that they compromise the very things for which they claim to stand, things like speech and real diversity.