Keith Olbermann Now DENIES He Denied Occupy Rapes Happened

Keith Olbermann, still unable to admit that he was wrong, tweeted today:

@Wes_Wheeler I didn’t cover them up nor pretend they didn’t happen. I just refused to blame the Occupy rape victims as @AndrewBreitbart did”

Decide for yourself.

Olbermann previously tweeted:

“Love this. @AndrewBreitbart goes nuts, hallucinates about some imaginary wave of rapes at Occupy, & a bunch of guys w/no necks Tweet-grunt,”

…and he continued:

@TheHenry No Occupy rapes, no cover-up, no apology, no retraction, and no credibility for your Moonie-owned ‘newspaper.'”

On his Current TV show, Olbermann referred to documented rapes only as “claims”:

The latest hit piece is called “Occupy Unmasked.” Using sound bites taken out of context as well as negative news reports, a director Stephen Bannon attempts to paint the Occupy Movement as a left-wing conspiracy run amuck. A place where drugs, anarchy and — as Breitbart claims — rape reign supreme.

And he had the following exchange with DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas:

MOULITSAS: This movement has gone far beyond the actual protests themselves. The message itself has taken on its own meaning. It’s sort of, kind of, almost broken free from the Occupy protest. They can be as filthy and rape people — if you want to make stuff up — but the fact is, nobody really cares about it because that message isn’t about the messengers, it’s not about who’s delivering the message, but the message itself, which really resonates at very core, emotional level with people who are suffering in this economy.

OLBERMANN: So, this then — I analogized before that right had made ACORN into, or memorably, the New Black Panthers, which consist of a guy named Stan and a guy named Dale. I mean, are they effectively trying to scare people, or are the reinforcing people who want to be scared, or have the taken the wrong vessel here? Because — unlike ACORN or unlike, particularly, the New Black Panthers — Occupy actually exists and, as you suggest, has a message that already got out.

MOULITSAS: Yeah, all of the above. I mean, really, Republicans need to scare people. They need to scare people. I mean, I don’t want to go back to birth control, because we’re talking about Occupy, but they’re talking about “war on religion” as opposed to “We hate sex,” right?

They need to scare people, but they themselves love to be scared. I mean, this is why they have to create their boogie men like Saddam Hussein and so on and so forth, right? They always need to have an enemy. And so, this is the best thing for all worlds. Here is something that they can feel scared about, something that has real-world implications that’s actually hurting them, so they have even better reason to be scared of them.

And now, they hope to sort of deliver that message to the broader American public because they need to discredit the Occupy message. And the message itself cannot be discredited. Republicans are on the defensive because of that message. So maybe they think, “If we discredit some of the people delivering it, those the dirty hippies,” maybe people will start ignoring the fact that they’re underpaid, have to work too many hours, the economy is going in the wrong direction and that Republicans are doing nothing about it. That’s the hope obviously — I think this movie is going to be as effective as the Hillary Clinton one was.