Al Sharpton and Elijah Cummings Lie About Fast and Furious

Resist we much! Shame on you Reverend Al Sharpton. Shame on you MSNBC. Especially shame on you Representative Elijah Cummings. Sharpton recently addressed Fast and Furious on his show, Politics Nation (hat tip: everrest). Needless to say it was a mess.

[youtube 8Xr_swW95RU]

Mr. Sharpton starts the show with a flat out lie: Fast and Furious was just like the programs under President Bush. Katie Pavlich at Townhall points out the differences in this article. There are major differences, but the main one is the guns under Fast & Furious were allowed to head into Mexico without interference or arrests.

Mr. Sharpton asks Rep Cummings if is the GOP are interested in a fair and balanced investigation. Rep Cummings immediately says no. He says Rep Darrell Issa cannot verify any of his “facts” and is treating Mr. Holder unfairly. Mr. Sharpton replies the hearings have become disrespectful and hostile. Gee, I wonder why!! Could it be because the DOJ is stonewalling them? Rep Cummings brings up the Democrat report clearing Mr. Holder & the DOJ of all responsibility. There’s no mention of all the holes left in the report.

Take a look back at my article on this reportMs. Pavlich wrote about it as well. The Democrats completely ignored the facts and MSNBC, due to NO integrity whatsoever, did not bother to call out Rep Cummings.

Mr. Sharpton & Mr. Cummings, let’s start with these actual facts Rep Issa can verify. The DOJ dumped a whole bunch of documents on Congress on Friday, January 27. These documents contained some pretty damning emails, including ones between former US Attorney Dennis Burke and Mr. Holder’s deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkinson. In the report Mr. Cummings said, “The committee has obtained no evidence indicating that the attorney general authorized gun-walking or that he was aware of such allegations before they became public.” Here are the screen shots of those emails.

Again, these emails give Rep Issa more than enough room to suspect Mr. Holder knew about Operation Fast & Furious before everything became public. Mr. Sharpton, can you tell me that you fully believe Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Holder’s deputy chief of staff, did not tell his boss about the second email?

GUN CONTROL: Yes this was used to implement tougher gun control laws. Sharyl Attkisson revealed these documents on December 7, 2011. Ms. Pavlich reported on them as well.

Those are just two examples. I could go on.

Mr. Sharpton goes on to say Mr. Holder isn’t responsible because this started under President Bush. No Mr. Sharpton. OPERATION FAST & FURIOUS STARTED IN 2009. Who was president? President Obama. Just because President Bush’s administration came up with the stupid idea to allow guns to walk does not mean he is responsible for Operation Fast and Furious. But, then again, in the eyes of the Left everything is President Bush’s fault.

Because of this Mr. Sharpton brings up President Bush’s attorney general Mark Mukasey. Again, Mr. Mukasey is not responsible for Operation Fast and Furious. If you want to bring him in to talk about previous gun walking operations fine, but you can’t tie him into Operation Fast & Furious. Mr. Sharpton is completely outraged because Mr. Mukasey started this whole mess.

The whole time Rep Cummings sits back and allows Mr. Sharpton to hurl out these obvious lies and accusations. Shame on you Rep Cummings. You know all of this is false and you allow it to be said all the same.