Romney Campaign Slams Buzzfeed Over Unsourced Palin Piece

Romney Campaign Slams Buzzfeed Over Unsourced Palin Piece

Anonymous Source is a busy person, but not busy enough to provide completely unsourced quotes to Buzzfeed in an attempt to pit Sarah Palin against Paul Ryan in the wake of the VP announcement. 

But aides were quick Saturday to reject the early analysis that choosing Ryan represents a “Sarah Palin pick” for Romney — a high-risk move intended to turn around a flailing campaign by elevating a polarizing politician.


Another senior adviser, commenting on the comparison in an e-mail to BuzzFeed, was more sarcastic: “The number one policy wonk in the country… Sarah Palin…?”


But he said one central difference between Ryan and Palin is that the former will be able to hold his own on policy details.

This isn’t a “source.” The Romney camp was quick to slam the article, saying thusly:

Buzzfeed is hiding behind anonymous quotes to portray conservatives as divided on Ryan as VP. Our campaign is on the record endorsing Ryan, while Buzzfeed falsely cites “aides” to avoid the real story – our party is united behind leaders like Governor Palin AND Paul Ryan.Not content to debate the issues, the liberals at Buzzfeed are helping Democrats continue their personal attacks to protect THE ONE.

A website that just graduated from LOLcat photos to LOLcat photos and politics is attempting to project its own bias onto Governor Palin in the wake of the VP announcement and exploit a nonexistent fissure in the right. Comparing the records of a congressman to that of a governor is incredibly neophytic considering the responsibilities of both positions are varied. 

Buzzfeed Hates Governor Palin, has always hated Governor Palin, and that they try to attack her through the lens of today’s VP announcement shows only that she terrifies Democrats still. The success rate of her election endorsements proved greater than even the President’s own 2010 coattails and she remains vastly popular with the very people most motivated to vote Obama out of office. 

Speaking of endorsements:

This is the left’s attempt to run interference: they know that a solidified right means the end of the Obama machine and they’ll do anything to promote the perception of disunity. As Romney and Ryan go “forward,” Palin will continue to be a major influencer long after Obama is voted from office. 

*UPDATE: Buzzfeed was none too happy about being left off of the Romney campaign press list when they mass emailed the above statement to members of the media:

The above is the article’s author, who apparently believes that releases from the Romney campaign are “anonymous sources.” I challenged Coppins to name his “anonymous sources” which neither came from an official campaign release or any named individual belonging to the campaign. His response was something along the lines of “RWNJ,” which is of course, the first thing a reporter should do when trying to convince others to take him and his objectivity seriously. 

After Kaczynski was confronted he remarked that it “wasn’t worth getting upset other [sic],” which it apparently was for him since he felt the need to sling false accusations. 

I miss the LOLcat photos. 

**UPDATE 2: RedState adds:

I don’t know if Coppins thinks of himself as an unbiased reporter, or not, but if he does, this article is loaded with hackery. It takes a collection of quotes which were clearly redirecting the interviewer away from questions intended to divide and attempts to cause them to divide anyway.