Max Blumenthal: Still Hating Breitbart

Max Blumenthal: Still Hating Breitbart

Max Blumenthal has now crossed the line from incivility and insults to the kind of statements that mark him as someone who not only should be shunned, but reviled.  Blumenthal used to bait Andrew Breitbart, but always wound up looking like an ill-informed moron, so he was only too delighted when Andrew was taken too soon.

Having been invited to the premiere of Hating Breitbart, a documentary about Andrew Breitbart, Blumenthal taunted on Twitter, “‪@HatingBreitbart Sorry I can’t make it. Don’t ruin the ending for me!”

There is a circle in hell for those who delight in the misfortunes of others.

Blumenthal is possibly the most self-hating Jew on the planet. He regularly tears Israel apart and blithely associates with causes that would ensure Israel’s destruction. He once likened Iran’s security forces brutally killing an unarmed Iranian woman to the Israeli army: “The Israeli army has responded with massive force, killing, maiming, and brutalizing them on a consistent basis.”

He slandered Sarah Palin, musing that she resigned as Governor of Alaska to avoid a fictional “scandal.”

There are numerous instances in which Blumenthal, who once was a senior writer for The Daily Beast, and later a writer for, uttered falsehoods or slanders that were reprehensible.

But this time, Blumenthal has revealed that there are levels beneath the gutter. The obvious relish he takes in drawing attention to himself by reveling in the death of Andrew Breitbart makes it clear; this is a horrible excuse for a human being.