Jeffrey Goldberg: Neither Hillary Nor Obama Is Responsible

Jeffrey Goldberg: Neither Hillary Nor Obama Is Responsible

Jeffrey Goldberg, official Obama brownnoser for The Atlantic, has decided that he, and he alone, knows who is responsible for allowing the terrible murders in Benghazi of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

So just which great personage is responsible, Jeffrey – Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

You said what?

Barack Obama isn’t in charge of assessing the security needs of American consulates. Neither is Hillary Clinton. So could we just stop?

You poor baby. Are the widdle Democrats cwying because those BIG BAD REPUBLICANS think someone should assume responsibility for those murders?

Let us enlighten you about something, Jeffrey. What the hell was the Administration thinking when they sent Stevens back into Benghazi from Tripoli after:  

  1. March 2012: State Department Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom asks Washington for additional diplomatic security agents. Response: nothing. He later asks again in July. Response: nothing
  2. April 6: Two Libyan security guards who had been canned throw an IED over the consulate fence.
  3. May 22: The Benghazi Red Cross office was attacked by Islamists, who later post on Facebook “now we are preparing a message for the Americans.”
  4. June: A Facebook post lists Stevens’ daily runs in Tripoli
  5. June 6: A bomb blows a hole in the consulate’s north gate.
  6. August 14: SST team leaves Libya. Much later team leader Lt. Col. Andy Wood testifies that Stevens wanted them to stay.
  7. September 8: The Libyan security guards warn U.S. diplomats that the security situation is “frightening.”

After all of this, the Administration flew Stevens into Benghazi on September 10?

Sit down and shut up, Jeffrey, and stop brownnosing. You’re a disgrace.