Scarborough Panel Bullies Michigan Governor on Behalf of Big Labor

Scarborough Panel Bullies Michigan Governor on Behalf of Big Labor

This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan appeared to defend his state’s new right to work law. The governor patiently communicated the message that the law was ultimately “pro worker” because it gave individual workers the freedom to choose whether to join a union or not rather than be forced into union membership against their wills.  

The words were barely out of his mouth when co-host Mika Brzezinski groaned audibly.  When it was MSNBC analyst Richard Wolfe’s turn to question the governor, Wolfe outright lied and asked him “how do you square your statement that unions are bad for business with the fate and the thriving auto industry in your state?” The governor said that he had never said that unions are bad for business, Wolfe’s claim was completely made up.  

Then the scoffing began.  You could hear the panel murmuring and sharply exhaling as the governor re-asserted that the law was pro-worker. Wolfe interrupted the governor and exclaimed “Are you serious?” Wolfe then berated the ever-patient governor until host Joe Scarborough interceded and allowed the governor to speak.

When it became Scarborough’s chance to question the Michigan governor, he completely twisted Snyder’s words and said to him, “I would not go so far as you said that this law helps unions.”  Hey Joe, he never said the law helps unions, he said it was pro-worker. Unless, of course, self-described conservative Joe Scarborough can’t or won’t make the distinction between workers and union members.  

During the entire interview, the viewer hears loud and very annoying sighs and an occasionally whispered “Oh come on” from one of the panelists. Finally we discover that the off-camera commentary was coming from Carl Bernstein, who compared right to work laws to “cultural and political warfare” when he was given the chance to question the governor.  

Recently, Scarborough called conservative media a “racket” that is populated by “bullies” who are unreasonable and ineffective. When compared to how his own panel treated the governor of Michigan today, conservative talk radio is more like a tea party (pun intended).