Pew and Politico Try To Mislead On Guns

Pew and Politico Try To Mislead On Guns

A new Pew Research Center Poll claims, according to Politico, that the gap between the number of American who favor gun control and those who are more bound to the 2nd amendment is the biggest since Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009. 49% said gun control was their top priority while 42% say it was the 2nd amendment.

This result is starkly different from a Gallup Poll just released which showed that more Americans eschewed banning assault and semi-automatic guns and preferred mental health funding increases and stronger police representation at schools.

It’s always interesting to parse figures such as Pew’s and Politico’s; they aver that the gap is the biggest in the Obama era, ignoring anything pre-Obama. Pew admitted that public approval of gun control is still much lower now than in the pre-Obama era; in April 2008, instead of the current 49% favoring gun control, the figure was 58%. And the number of people who want to protect gun rights is higher now; it was 37% then and 42% now.

Gallup had it right. Americans are more determined than ever to protect their 2nd amendment rights.