Media, Public Prefer Hillary over Biden for 2016

Media, Public Prefer Hillary over Biden for 2016

It didn’t take long for the media to start trumpeting Hillary Clinton 2016. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Clinton dominating Vice-President Joe Biden in favorability ratings. The favorable-unfavorable rating of Clinton was 67-26 percent, while Biden languished at 48-37 percent.

Among those who felt more passionately, Clinton’s strongly favorable (SF) numbers were at 35 percent while her strongly unfavorable (SU) numbers were only 14 percent. Biden’s numbers were 22 percent strongly favorable and 23 percent unfavorable. 

Although both candidates are heartily disliked by Republicans, Clinton scored SF 37 percent and SU 57 percent, while Biden was SF 20 percent and a whopping SU 71 percent. 

Independents? Clinton: SF 65, SU 26. Biden: SF42, SU 37. 

Democrats? Clinton SF 60, Biden SF 44.

Not much doubt about who will get the nomination. 

Among pundits on Twitter, Eamon Javers of CNBC tweeted:  

Sen. Rubio questioning Sec’y of State Clinton now over Benghazi. Can’t help thinking about 2016 implications …

Marc Ambinder, of The Week:

I think we are going to see this exchange between Sen. Rubio and Sec. Clinton go immediately into the 2016 speculation rotation.

Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard: 

Marco Rubio questioning HRC. His first year in Senate – head down, low-profile, hard work, policy focus – modeled on her first year.

Kirsten Powers, of Fox News

Hillary—I appreciate your kind words Sen Rubio…can’t wait to use them in a campaign ad 2016

Toby Harnden, of the Sunday Times: 

Preview of 2016 presidential debates? Senator Marco Rubio questioning Hillary Clinton in #Benghazi hearing

The word has gone out; Clinton is starting her campaign. And there’s little doubt that this serves Barack Obama well. As the media focuses on her, he can work under the radar on his own policy agenda.