Sen. Feinstein to Piers Morgan, 'You've Been Wonderful'

Sen. Feinstein to Piers Morgan, 'You've Been Wonderful'

California Senator Diane Feinstein appeared on Pier Morgan’s evening CNN show on February 28 to talk about her gun-banning bill that is currently on hold in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The interview ended in a gushing mutual admiration society as gun-banner Feinstein applauded gun-hater Morgan and vice versa.


“That gun culture is letting bad things happen,” Feinstein sonorously told Morgan at the tail of the interview.

“Well, you’re doing a fantastic job on this, Senator,” Morgan told her. “I absolutely applaud you and urge you to continue,” he added.

The mutual admiration continued as Feinstein said, “Oh, Piers, thank you.”

“You have been wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. It is uphill all the way,” Feinstein concluded.