Buzzfeed Attacks 3 Conservative Authors as Bigots

Buzzfeed Attacks 3 Conservative Authors as Bigots

Buzzfeed has indicted fourteen famous authors for being “bigoted”–and the author of the article, Louis Peitzman, seems to have a desire to maim the careers of three prominent conservative writers: Orson Scott Card, the author of the Enders series; Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert; and the famous playwright David Mamet.

Somehow Peitzman neglects mentioning prominent leftist authors such as Alice Walker, whose vicious anti-Semitism is on display in her new book, The Cushion in the Road, in which she compares Israeli soldiers to Nazis and writes that Israeli Jews have committed “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,” “crimes against humanity,” and used “cruelty and diabolical torture.”

Instead Peitzman pursues the three conservative writers for issues like these:

Card: “No matter how sexually attracted a man might be toward other men, or a woman toward other women, and no matter how close the bonds of affection and friendship might be within same-sex couples, there is no act of court or Congress that can make these relationships the same as the coupling between a man and a woman. This is a permanent fact of nature.”

Adams: “The reality is that women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently. It’s just easier this way for everyone.”

Mamet called the proposed mosque near the World Trade Center a “cultural obscenity.” He also condemned gay marriage, which he said was a “moral affront.”

These three men are on the same list as some truly vicious antisemites, who include:

T.S. Eliot: “The rats are underneath the piles. / The Jew is underneath the lot. / Money in furs.”

Roald Dahl: “There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity, maybe it’s a kind of lack of generosity towards non-Jews. I mean, there’s always a reason why anti-anything crops up anywhere; even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them for no reason. I mean, if you and I were in a line moving towards what we knew were gas chambers, I’d rather have a go at taking one of the guards with me; but they [the Jews] were always submissive.”

Louis-Ferdinand Celine: “We do not think enough about the protection of the white Aryan race. Now is the time to act, because tomorrow will be too late.”

Edith Wharton: she said on her deathbed that she hated the Jews for crucifying Jesus (somehow the Romans got left out) and turned down giving money for a charity by saying, “I’m not much interested in traveling scholarships for women…they’d much better stay home and mind the baby. Still less am I interested in scholarships for female Yids.”

Kingsley Amis: called Jews “filthy lying profiteering bugger-the-author Yids.” He wrote in 1992, “It’s rather like being a Jew, no matter what you do or don’t do, you can’t help being one.”

Ezra Pound:  “You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the Jew … And the big Jew has rotted every nation he has wormed into.”

Leave it to Buzzfeed to use the cloak of labeling people bigots to silence those who aren’t on the correct side of the aisle.