Bob Beckel Blames NRA for Georgia School Shooting

Bob Beckel Blames NRA for Georgia School Shooting

On Fox News’ The Five Wednesday, Bob Beckel did not argue when co-host Dana Perino said he blamed the NRA for this week’s shooting at McNair Elementary School in DeKalb, Georgia.

Beckel explicitly blamed the NRA for the shooting of Australian college baseball player Christopher Lane earlier in the show. 

Beckel’s beef with the NRA seems to be his belief that their opposition to more gun control earlier this year allowed persons with a mental problem–like the accused Georgia shooter Michael Brandon Hill–to acquire guns.

The problem with this theory is that the shooter in Georgia was a felon, which means there have long been federal laws on the books that bar him from purchasing or possessing a firearm. Thus, as reported, one of the charges Hill will face is “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.”

The NRA supports these laws, but the shooter obviously cared less about them. And the fact that he violated them is not the NRA’s fault.

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