FOX News Channel's New Primetime Lineup to Debut on October 7th

FOX News Channel's New Primetime Lineup to Debut on October 7th

BW 9/17/2013 6:45:00 PM

FOX News Channel (FNC) will unveil its new primetime lineup on Monday, October 7th, marking the 17th anniversary of the network. The announcement was made by Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of FOX News.

Greta Van Susteren will officially kick off the new line-up with her signature On the Record with Greta Van Susteren at 7PM/ET. From there, Bill O’Reilly will continue hosting the most-watched cable news program The O’Reilly Factor at 8PM/ET. At 9PM/ET, Megyn Kelly will debut The Kelly File while Sean Hannity will take over the 10PM/ET timeslot with Hannity for his solo hour. Chief News Anchor and Managing Editor Shepard Smith will be available throughout to insert the latest breaking news into the new programming schedule via the FOX News Deck.

As the newest edition to the line-up, The Kelly File  (9-10PM/ET) will focus on late-breaking stories in a live format as well as in-depth investigative reports interspersed with newsmaker interviews. While embracing a stronger social media presence, the new program will capitalize on Kelly’s skills as a former litigator, and create a unique platform for developing angles as events unfold.

In making the announcement, Ailes said, “As the network continues todominate with the top 13 programs in cable news, FOX News alreadyredefined primetime viewing to extend well beyond the antiquated 8-11PMformat. We’ve developed a deep bench of engaging and thought-provokingpersonalities that have grown with FOX News as it has evolved into themost influential and successful cable network in television. Thesechanges will enable the network to continue setting the industrystandard for years to come.”

Now live at 7PM/ET weeknights, On the Record will showcasethe news Americans care about and explore how it impacts our everydaylives. Van Susteren will bring viewers the latest facts throughinterviews with high profile newsmakers in her tough and fair signaturestyle, as well as on the scene reporting. The program’s popular blog, Gretawire.comwill enable her to continue delivering updates at any given time vialive stream technology.

In commenting on the announcement, Van Susteren said, “After 11½ yearsnumber one at 10pm and driving home near midnight, I am ‘to the moonthrilled’ at a new challenge (and a new drive! Half the year I won’teven need headlights!).”

Immediately following On the Record, The O’Reilly Factor(8-9PM/ET) will continue uncovering news items from the establishedwisdom, operating against the grain of more traditional interview styleprograms. The number one cable news program since 2001, O’Reilly’ssignature No Spin Zone cuts through the rhetoric as he challengesthe players who make the story newsworthy.

Marking her 9PM/ET debut after The Factor, anchor MegynKelly said, “In 2003, I was an unhappy lawyer, and made a decision tochange my life. Ten years later, I’ve been able to do that thanks inlarge part to Roger Ailes, a boss who always gives me the samedirective: ‘Be yourself and have fun.’ What a great job. I am verygrateful.”

Moving to the 10-11PM/ET timeslot, Hannity willcontinue showcasing Sean Hannity’s provocative style and conservativecommentary on politics and the American agenda. The show will alsoprovide a highly interactive viewing experience utilizing tools such asviewer voting and the Hannity Live companion app, a webexperience allowing viewers to gain access to exclusive content directlyfrom the show producers in the control room. Hannity will also traveleven more across America and expand his studio audience specials likethe show’s College Forum.

Hannity held the number one ranking in his previous 9PM/ET timeslot for56 consecutive months and eclipsed CNN’s Larry King Live in 2003, with Hannity & Colmes becoming the number one 9pm program incable news.

In commenting on the move, Hannity said, “I am very happy to be movingto 10PM. The ability to be live or on tape greatly increases theflexibility of the show and offers me, after 17 years, the opportunityto be home at night with my family.”

Executive Vice President of Programming, Bill Shine, who began histenure at FNC as the producer of Hannity & Colmes, added,major star on both radio and television for more than a decade and wewere happy to accommodate his schedule and retain him as a vital part ofour line-up.”

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news servicededicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and businessnews. A top five cable network, FNC has been the most watched newschannel in the country for more than eleven years and, according toPublic Policy Polling, is the most trusted television news source in thecountry. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in morethan 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinelynotching the top ten programs in the genre.