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Imam Denies Tie to Orlando Islamic Terror Attacker

In an interview that aired on Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” fundamentalist Muslim Imam Abu Taubah denied reports that Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen attended his online seminary while refusing to condemn the stoning of women for adultery and saying that some journalists should be beheaded.


These People Don’t Like the ‘Tubman Twenty’

Opinions on the Harriet Tubman $20 bill seem to be running generally positive, but there are some objections, beginning with a prominent self-professed fan of the portrait currently adorning the twenty, Donald Trump. “Andrew Jackson had a great history and I

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Flashback 2012: Trump Defended Romney When Reid Attacked on Taxes

Earlier on Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, told host Neil Cavuto there was “good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell” in current Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s taxes. Romney speculated

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Rubio Pledges to End Iran Deal First Day in Office

GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio spoke Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record” about his first day as president if elected. Rubio told show host Greta Van Susteren that on his first day in office he would “repeal every

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