Wolf Blitzer Appears To Admit He Smokes Pot At Soul Train Awards

Wolf Blitzer Appears To Admit He Smokes Pot At Soul Train Awards

In what has become a bizarre tradition, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer appeared on the Soul Train Music Awards Sunday night. While reading awkwardly from the tele-prompter, Blitzer confessed he liked to dance the “Dougie” and sing Chaka Khan in the shower. 

He then said, “I like to get ‘turked up.'”  

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Turked Up” has 2 meanings that would apply to Blitzer’s usage. One involves a sexual act. We doubt Blitzer was referring to that definition. The other is pretty clear and seems to be the applicable meaning: 


To be high as a kite. Past tense of to Turk, which means to smoke weed. Turkey is slang for weed in some Midwestern States.

Further reinforcing the pot-smoking definition as Blitzer’s intended meaning is the second part of his confession: “He couldn’t be here tonight, but I hear Dr. Oz likes to get ‘turked up’ too.”

Dr. Oz has been a leading proponent of the legalization and use of medical marijuana

It’s now up to CNN to explain the remarks and they have one of three options: 

  1. The dean of their anchor team was joking or lying when he said he liked to get stoned and was really just pandering to the Soul Train audience. 
  2. Blitzer had no idea what he was talking about and just read what they told him to read. 
  3. Yes, Blitzer does, in fact, like to get “turked up.” In fact, he usually is “turked up” when he’s reporting from The Situation Room, that’s why he sounds so bumbling and out of it all the time.