Daily News: 5 More Things That Have to Go to ‘Purge America’s Racist Past’

AFP Photo
AFP Photo

Editor’s Note: This story first appeared in the New York Daily News. We republish the whining noises in part here. 

This could get out of hand.

As outrage over the Confederate Battle flag’s display grows around the nation and online, politicians and business leaders are joining the chorus of people condemning arguably racist Civil War-era memorabilia.

But companies may want to tread lightly on this topic. Purging the nation of perceivably racist cultural relics could be harder than most people think.

Here are five other questionably racist things that may be next to go… Aunt Jemima pancakes and syrup, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Chiquita Bananas’ Miss Chiquita, the ice cream truck song, and [of course] The Washington Redskins.

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