Donald Trump’s Women Supporters Sound Off on Megyn Kelly Controversy

AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton

(Reuters) A new Reuters/Ipsos poll suggests Donald Trump – who has dominated coverage of the 2016 election with a series of flame-throwing comments about illegal Mexican immigrants, the war record of Senator John McCain and Kelly – may in fact still be leading among women Republican supporters.

There’s evidence of that support in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, even though the county leans Democrat. A third of women randomly interviewed by Reuters on the street self-identified as Trump supporters and said they still supported him.

“Shame on the public for presuming something, for putting words in his mouth,” said Evonne Groody, 28, a nurse in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Groody said Trump was her first choice for president even though she’s a registered Democrat.

“Women are not offended by that at all,” said Lori Pesta, creator of Facebook group Women for Donald Trump, referring to Trump’s comment about Kelly. The page, which has more than 600 “likes”, was launched just days before the latest controversy erupted.

“It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says. The news media is going to twist it. I heard the original comment and it shouldn’t have been taken that way,” she said.

Trump’s outspokenness is his most important quality, according to the women who like him. Women interviewed in Lehigh County and respondents in a Reuters/Ipsos poll praised his apparent honesty.

“He’s a little rough around the edges because he goes against the grain,” said Angie Brodie, 38, another nurse in Allentown.

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