Washington Post Trashes Ivanka Trump Fashion Shoot

Harper's Bazaar

Talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome! The Washington Post’s fashion critic Robin Givhan’s column drips with disdain as she pans Ivanka Trump’s latest photoshoot in Harper’s Bazaar.

From the Washington Post:

The headline, “Growing up Trump: Ivanka Trump tells all,” promises that the story will give readers something — if not authenticity, then at least some tidbit that will allow people to know her better, to know her as more than the titles that are applied to her. Daughter, mother, business woman, sister. Writer Lisa DePaulo questions Trump on her friendship with Chelsea Clinton, her father’s unorthodox presidential campaign and her self-declared women’s advocacy. She answers; she doesn’t answer. It’s a familiar, coy dance.

The pictures, however, are a blatant study in avoidance. In both images, by photographer Mark Seliger, viewers see Trump in profile. She never looks her audience in the eye. Her gaze is focused off into the distance. The viewer is kept more than an arm’s length away. As she stands perched on the ladder, we look up at her. She is elevated. The positioning suggests that she is, in some way, above politics and above the fray.

But also, in her rather regal gown set against a grimy landscape, her privileged life and position are underscored. She makes it very clear in the accompanying article that her wealth has afforded her a host of advantages. In the story, she comes across as self-aware. And in the imagery, she is comfortably advantaged.

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