Daily Caller: Say Goodbye to the ObamaMedia

Some optimistic predictions about the fate of the CorruptMedia from Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel. Here’s the rub, but you’ll want to read it all:

The point is that many in the press are every bit as corrupt as conservatives
have accused them of being. The good news is, it’s almost over. The broadcast
networks, the big daily newspapers, the newsweeklies — they’re done. It’s only a
matter of time, and everyone who works there knows it. That may be why so many
of them seem tapped out, lazy and enervated, unwilling to stray from the same
tired story lines. Some days they seem engaged only on Twitter, where they spend
hours preening for one another and sneering at outsiders.

By the next presidential cycle most of these people will be gone. They’ll
have moved on to academia or think tanks or Democratic senate campaigns, or
wherever aging hacks go when their union contracts finally, inevitably get
voided. They’ll be replaced by a vibrant digital marketplace filled with hungry
young reporters who care more about breaking stories than maintaining access to
some politician or regulator.

Every criticism about the CorruptMedia is absolutely valid and Carlson and Patel are correct about the trajectory of what’s coming. But I don’t think we’ll ever lose the mainstream media completely. Most media outlets — broadcast, cable, print, and digital — are owned by monster conglomerates who can accept the red ink. And, believe it or not, as bad as CNN’s ratings and programming are, it’s a very profitable enterprise.

Mostly, though, the left-wing Gang of 500 is not going to let go of The Narrative without a helluva fight, and if this campaign season has proven anything, it’ that the CorruptMedia still has the power necessary to control the media and political conversation. That power isn’t what it was four years ago, but it’s still formidable. Were it not, Obama wouldn’t be in a close race today. He’d be sitting at 43% and facing the humiliating reelection defeat he deserves. 

Though I hope I’m wrong and Tucker is correct, I think the fight will end up (in my lifetime) with New Media in a strong enough position to mount a real battle for The Narrative — a sort of trench warfare that will never end.

I’ll take that.