The campaign ad Mitt Romney should have run

Imagine this as a campaign ad:

Romney drives through a worn down, financially destroyed Detroit.  He’s driving his all black Maybach with Ann sitting in the passenger seat.  He sees a group of young, black youth standing on the corner.  He pulls up, shows the hardware in his side holster (and secret service rolling behind him), and starts a conversation…

“Do you know what this is?”  As he flashes his black card.  “Obama wants you to have a EBT card, let me show you how to get good credit.”

“You see that car? Obama thinks you should be set of fire in a Chevy Volt.  Let me show you how to put your name on the title of one of these.”

“Oh, and I’m sure you heard them talk about my house.  You know the one that has a elevator to my underground garage.  Let me show you how to get this money.  Legally.  And make sure the government can’t take it once YOU make it.

I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.