Can the Left Take the Lone Star State?

They are known as the Castro Brothers. No, not Fidel and Raúl–San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro and his twin brother and newly minted Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro. Julian and Joaquin have been media darlings ever since Julian’s keynote speech at last year’s Democratic National Convention. The brothers made news again when Julián predicted “in a couple presidential cycles, on election night you’ll be announcing that we’re calling the 38 electoral votes for Texas for the Democratic nominee for president. “It’s changing, it’s going to become a purple state and then a blue state because of demographics,” Julian said.

Texas is a Right-to-work state. Republican’s control both bodies in the state’s legislature. Texas has a Republican governor. And immigration is consistently changing the state’s demographics. But all this can be said for Florida. And, of course, for two consecutive presidential election cycles, Democrats have claimed Florida’s 29 electoral votes. And with Dream Act proponents posturing on both the Right and the Left, immigration reform is sure to be a persistent political wedge.

Alas, the Right has a Rubio. But the Left has two Castro’s.