Obama's Progressive Ideology No Longer a Fringe Idea

Cass Sunstein wrote a piece over the weekend in which he claimed Obama is fulfilling FDR’s vision of a 2nd bill of rights. Joel covered this yesterday. According to Sunstein, Obama’s project is to push beyond the statement of negative liberties found in the actual U.S. Constitution. This fits with a lament about the Constitution which Obama himself once expressed. As I was looking over all of this I came across a segment of Rush Limbaugh’s show which aired about a week before the 2008 election. It seems prophetic now:

This is just an incredible thing, ladies and gentlemen, as you hear FDR
basically spell out what the Obama agenda is today: Second Bill of
Rights: the right to earn of enough, the right of every family to a
decent home, the right to adequate medical care, opportunity to achieve
and enjoy good health.

Rush goes on to say that the goals are universal it’s the means that are in dispute.

Back in 2008, Rush, Palin and all the rest of us who argued Obama was not a moderate or pragmatist were mocked as a fringe characters by Saturday Night Live and others. Four years later, a former member of Obama’s own administration is saying, yes, this was Obama’s underlying goal all along. Amazing how these rather significant details about Obama’s ideology finally stop being fringe concerns moments after his 2nd inauguration.