AP: Gee, NBC Just Completely Ignored the Question of Whether They’d Deceptively Edited the “Heckling” Tape, Huh?

In the aftermath of Martin Bashir’s hoax, NBC promised to review the controversy and determine if one of its key employees had, yet again, deliberately falsified audio or video to make for a splashy, sensationalistic story for its partisan liberal audience.

Well, they did.   Surprise– NBC gave themselves a Gold Star of Accuracy.  They claimed the only question was one of semantics, whether one could call the answer “The Second Amendment” an incidence of heckling. 

They claim that different people could decide this matter differently — even though at this point the only two people I know of who claim the situation can be termed “heckling” are 1, NBC host Martin Bashir, who perpetrated the hoax, and 2, NBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, a decrepit old man who fancies himself a Boston Brawler and so who naturally comes to the rescue of softer, squishier members of his cable gang.

 And so NBC’s “review” was… Judge for yourself, as NBC found that no firm conclusions could be made.  After all, two NBC hosts — one of whom was responsible for the original hoax — thought it was fair.  So, it’s just impossible to say either way.

 But that’s just the first deception in NBC’s cover-up. The second deception is in what they didn’t review — to wit, whether or not NBC had once again doctored audio or video to gin up controversy and ratings.

 As the answer to this one is brutally simple — the answer is “Yes” — NBC ignored it entirely.

I pointed this out yesterday on my actual blog.  Shockingly, AP also noticed.

MSNBC invited viewers Wednesday to draw their own conclusions aboutwhether the parent of a Connecticut school shooting victim was heckledat a legislative hearing but didn’t address criticism that it aired adeceptively edited video of the event.

The NBC-owned cable news network found itself under attack for itsediting practices less than a year after three employees of NBC or anNBC-owned station lost their jobs over the editing of a 911 call in theTrayvon Martin case.

I have been making the call for a complete and total boycott of NBC — and I don’t mean NBC’s Delta House MSNBC; I mean the whole corrupt campus.  I realize NBC is only part of the biased media, but they’re an especially obnoxious one, and, furthermore, their ratings are so dismal that a boycott by half the country might just knock them out of the “Network” status entirely. 

They’re barely clinging to that status now; a real boycott could just strip that away from them, and turn them into a partial network of 20 or 30 Owned & Operated stations and some scattered Bitter Clinger stations.

 NBC is just one corrupt tentacle of a larger monster.  But, as Voltaire observed about the hanging of admirals found to have badly served their kings,  Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres.   “In this country, it’s good to kill an admiral from time to time, to encourage the others.”