Karl Rove VS Tea Party: Is Colin Powell Starting to Make More Sense?

When Republicans want to reach back in history to prove a point, they point to Ronald Reagan.  I can understand why.  Reagan was a great President but he wasn’t the only Republican President.

Abraham Lincoln’s main priority was preserving the Union, with or without slavery.  But there came a time when Lincoln knew the only way to preserve the Union was to rip it apart.

What was Colin Powell Saying?

And here we stand.  Karl Rove and Colin Powell are waging war on the Tea Party.  They have abandoned our Union but something tells me they still want us to live under their dominion.  They pick the candidates (Mitt Romney) and we vote for them.

Need I ask how that turned out?

This is not Karl Rove VS Tea Party.  This is about the soul of the Republican Party, just as Abraham Lincoln’s fight was about the soul of America.

And so it begins….#FightLikeAGirl