Media bias: it's a gas, gas, gas

In response to Media Protect Obama as Record Energy Prices Hit the Poor:

Yet another example of Trial By Media – and, for anyone who remembers the pump panic of the Bush years, an amazing example of it.  I still fondly recall the doomsday montages of gas pump prices rocketing upward, mixed with images of worried soccer moms looking anxiously at the kids romping through the back of their SUVs while they went broke filling the tanks.  But now we get media stories about how expensive gas is awesome, because it protects the environment, and those portly “fun-employed” jobless soccer moms might just lose a few inches off their thighs by using a bicycle to pick up their benefit checks!

You’re not supposed to use the word “inflation,” you know.  Especially since it’s been so cleverly hidden by deflating package sizes at the grocery store.