Remember When We Could Call People Crazy

Growing up, Crazy was Crazy!

There was this lady that watered her plants every morning, only she had no plants.  Drug addicts that walk around talking to themselves.  A family friend who never cleans up after her pets, yet Grandma wants to visit her every Sunday after church.

We called them CRAZY!

It didn’t mean we had the right to be disrespectful to them, laugh at them, or treat them unkindly.  It was just to make us aware in the presence of these people.

For instance, if Adam Lanza’s mother had told people in Sandy Hook Elementary that her son was crazy, would they have opened the door for him?  Especially since the mom wasn’t there?

Don’t we know the difference between the Crazy person with a gun in a movie and the good guy with a gun that tries to stop him?

ACLU cases, Progressive social engineering, and parents who believe their children can do no wrong have led us to political correctness; the inability to call a spade a spade.  Or in this case, the inability to call a man that kills a classroom full of kids CRAZY, until he actually commits murder.

On a personal note, having the ability to understand that someone is CRAZY also helps you to forgive.  My biological mom is CRAZY and when I realized and accepted that fact, I found a way to let her into my life.