Why is 'DISCLOSE' Schumer supporting Hagel, who won't disclose donors?

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) could have stopped the train wreck that is the Chuck Hagel nomination. But he chose, unwisely, to bow to the Obama administration’s wishes (in exchange for what? one wonders) and give the nod to Hagel. After last week’s disastrous confirmation hearing, Schumer is clearly the biggest loser.

Hagel’s confirmation could still be derailed by concerns about his donors, including the Hamas-supporting Saad Hariri. The former Nebraska Senator is refusing to provide further financial disclosures that have been requested by the committee. Isn’t that problematic for Schumer, who introduced the DISCLOSE Act to force 501(c)4 organizations to release their donors? Or has he backed off that as well, now that the former Obama campaign has become a 501(c)4 group itself–thanks to the generosity of millionaires and corporations?