Maybe I Jumped the Gun

In response to Judgment Withheld:

Although I hate to give any credence to Infowars, their story does contain links to other sites.  I don’t know if these other sites are credible or not.  They’re just completely new to me.

Maybe I jumped the gun myself, and proved myself, alas, to be the less desirable male. Which would really be a disaster.  I was really counting on leapfrogging past Iowahawk here.

 I just spoke to someone casually following the story and was told that variations of this story have been bubbling up for the last two years, sometimes in more credible sites. 

I’m still troubled that this comes from Infowars, though. 


I mean:

When someone’s making videos which are literally about the Illuminati’s plan to kill 90% of the Earth’s population and enslave the last 10%, red flags go up.
I hope I didn’t go all Henny Penny here — but just seeing “Infowars” in association with this claim did cause me to immediately dismiss it.

Via @comradearthur, the Blaze looked into one aspect of the story — the DHS’ ammo purchases (and not other purchases by other agencies) — and seems to come away thinking there’s not much there there.

 I’m also worried what effects that such unvetted but frightening stories might have on the ignorant and unstable — how do I know that Piers Morgan fans aren’t reading The Conversation?