'Big Booty Freaks' Draws Facebook Flap for NJ Lawmaker

In the theme of yesterday’s post, “Is Social Media Breeding Monsters?” another one for the vault of weird Facebook tales scrolled across my newsfeed today. Warning, it’s a little bit on the ‘not safe for work’ side:

Jersey Politician ‘Likes’ Big Booty Freaks On Facebook

Jersey City Assemblyman Charles Mainor was apparently unaware he’d ‘liked’ two controversial pages on Facebook: Big Bootie Freaks, a page dedicated to…well…you know the song, and You Got Knocked the Fck Out Man , a page that features outrageous videos that sometimes depict violence.

It isn’t Mainor’s first brush with social media faux pas, either, according to The Jersey Journal:

The pages were among five Mainor has liked since the start of 2013. Less than an hour after The Jersey Journal spoke to Mainor, the two pages were deleted from his Favorites list.

Mainor, a Democrat who made headlines last January when he used Facebook to call the Philadelphia Eagles “gaybirds” and the Dallas Cowboys “cowgirls,” told The Jersey Journal this morning that he doesn’t use Facebook anymore since that incident, and at first he denied liking either of the two pages.

Mainor says he believes people are only taking notice of his Facebook interests because of his stance on gun legislation.  A state assembly panel in NJ passed a series of more than 20 bills last week that create or further expand certain regulations on guns, ammunition and related mental health issues.

“They’re trying to discredit me in some kind of way because I agreed with the gun deals that I pushed through,” he said. “We’re losing babies. And if the best they can do is come back and say, ‘He shouldn’t have Big Bootie Freaks,’ then I said, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t have guns.” 

Got that?  If he can’t have his Big Booties, then you can’t have your guns.  Logic!

The Democratic lawmaker did acknowledge that liking Big Bootie Freaks might not send the best message to his constituents, telling The Jersey Journal, “listen, I love women, it shouldn’t be on there but I don’t know how to get it out.”  He also explained that his daughter had shown him the You Got Knocked the Fck Out Man page, and that he intends to “unlike” it just as soon as his daughter shows him how to do that.

I have a suspicion that this won’t be the last time Mainor makes a big boob of himself on  Facebook or Twitter.