Big Boi at CPAC Would Be Interesting…

In response to Get Up! Get Out! And Get Big Boi!:

… but, based on what he says, he seems to be a left-libertarian, the sort that can’t vote Democratic because they find them too conservative on most issues (such as foreign policy).

It is an interesting idea anyway, though.  I wouldn’t mind some of these conferences having the excitement of an outside-the-box speaker.  As it stands I can pretty much tell you who’ll be at any conference without checking the agenda.  I won’t be 100%, but I will be around 50%.

Especially at larger conferences like CPAC, where there are multiple ballrooms offering multiple speakers at different times, it seems like a good idea.  If some people don’t want to hear it, they don’t have to; there’s always something else going on.

These things do seem very predictable and staid.  Adding a little danger — What is Big Boi going to say?  Is he going to attack conservatives?  What? — tends to make things interesting and newsworthy.

And I don’t think conservatives’ image would be harmed by little danger and riskiness.  Some things like this would be a trainwreck.  But that’s why trainwrecks are always on TV, isn’t it?