Reason #4,284,546 We Need Better Storytelling

Stephen Kruiser has a great post, “While We Argue Gun Statistics, OFA Is Tugging Heartstrings with a Video.”  He writes:

This is the thing that our side still doesn’t get. Pictures and video tell a more compelling story than just text and math. The other thing many don’t understand is that Democrats are working this stuff 24/7. OFA sent this video out today. It’s a sad story about about a boy losing his father in a mass shooting. It’s also being used to bolster support for an abrogation of the Constitutional rights of legal, sane gun owners who would never commit such a heinous crime.

I’ve read numerous stories in the past several months about people who have protected themselves and saved lives because they were armed. Read. Gun rights advocates should be making videos using the people telling those stories.

Here’s Obama for America’s video: