Putting gas in the Left’s narrative tank

In response to I Agree 100% – Time To Invoke Reagan’s 11th Commandment:

Your critique of Rush sounds more like what Al Cardenas has in mind, Debra, and not far from where Rush himself eventually came down on the issue.  Although I would, once again, point out that Rush Limbaugh never “called Sandra Fluke a slut.”  He made a, shall we say, edgy joke about how Fluke was effectively demanding to be treated as a slut.  One might even go so far as to say he “made a joke comparing her to a slut.”  But the way the liberals have written the history of the incident, someone who isn’t a regular Rush listener would have the impression that he went on the air one day and said something like, “That slut Sandra Fluke expects us to pay for her birth control!”  In other words, the sort of thing Bill Maher or various left-wing radio hosts say about conservative women on a regular basis, as Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham can testify.

Excellent point about S.E. Cupp’s completely unnecessary exhumation of a lefty freak-out from times gone by, for the apparent purpose of bashing the top conservative commentator and positioning herself as the non-stupid, non-crazy, non-dangerous alternative.  I just don’t think you’d see a liberal do something like that, if there was ever something comparable to the sustained, manufactured “Stop Rush” controversy affecting one of their leading figures.  Imagine a top liberal pundit jockeying as the sane alternative to Obama-style socialism in 2013 and digging up Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech as an example of him being crazy, stupid, and dangerous.