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Biden: Chicago Election Shows Voters Want More Gun Control

Biden: Chicago Election Shows Voters Want More Gun Control

Vice President Joe Biden stated yesterday that gun control enthusiast Robin Kelly’s victory in the Chicago Democrat congressional primary is a sign that voters want stricter gun control and are turning against the all-powerful gun lobby. 

“For the first time since Newtown, voters sent aclear unequivocal signal,” Biden told a group of state attorneygenerals, who were meeting in Washington.

The voters sent a message last night, not just tothe NRA, but to the politicians all around the country. There will be amoral price as well as a political price to be paid for inaction,”Biden said.

Biden’s remarks were made to an audience of states’ attorney generals who were meeting in Washington D.C.

Chicago already has the toughest, most restrictive gun laws in the country, so it is unclear if Kelly’s victory in the Tuesday election signals a “change of tide” or is merely maintaining the status quo.  


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