Sequester blood in the water

In response to Where Exactly is the White House Making Sequester Cuts?:

And meanwhile, you’ve got Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity making an utter fool of Obama by mounting a pledge drive to sponsor White House tours, while Speaker Boehner is sending letters to his constituents assuring them that Capitol Hill planned for sequestration and won’t have to cancel any tours.

Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal thinks canceling those White House tours was Obama’s “jumping the shark” moment – the act that made him look so petty, so absurd, and so small that he decisively lost the sequestration messaging war.  It’s so straightforward in its mendacity that even the Low Information Voters are rolling their eyes.  The President’s critics clearly smell blood in the water.

I think Obama was getting killed in the sequestration battle anyway – and, evidently, so does he, which is why he hastily arranged that dinner with Republican senators, evidently recruiting John McCain and Lindsey Graham as unpaid campaign aides in the bargain – but this White House tour thing is just so… Hazzard County.  You can just see Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane informing citizens that budget cuts have forced them to shut down the road to the Boar’s Nest tavern, but if you’ll throw a wad of bills into the Boss’ hat, he’ll have Deputy Enos drive you over there special.  “I got me a duty to look after the public safety of my constituents,” Boss Hogg would assure the scowling citizens he had fleeced, while Roscoe muttered something about how maybe they ought to shut up and support tax increases next time, if they wanted to keep their roads and bridges in good shape.