Life is unfair, but the State can fix that

In response to “(white) privilege” a socialist vision of equal outcome:

I’ve not heard of these wristbands before, David.  Thanks for the eye-opening post.  It’s not easy to break the heavy crust of cynicism from my eyelids and blow them open, but you managed nicely.

A long road to serfdom begins with the acceptance of the two ideas contained in a symbol like these wristbands: (1) Life is unfair, but (2) the State can fix that.  What better recipe for submission than the ritual acceptance, by every ethnicity, that their skin color has conveyed some unfair built-in advantage or disadvantage, which only the proper combination of compassionate ideology and political power can balance out?  Get the oppressed and the guilty marching together in an endless circular quest for “fairness,” and there’s no telling how long you can keep it going.  What more durable power could be given to any ruler in a nominally free society than the power to decide what everyone “deserves?”

When I hear someone lecturing us on what we must “unlearn,” I know it will soon be followed by list of commands we must obey.  I’ve never seen anything more divisive than telling one citizen what another “owes” him, or “stole” from him.  And I’ve never seen anything bring people together like the spirit of competition in the pursuit of opportunity.