5 Reasons Why Liberals Hate Dr. Ben Carson

Recently, American University Professor Deen Freelon tweeted that Dr. Ben is “the right wing go-to black token.” This sort of rhetoric is hateful. It’s hurtful, counterproductive and intellectually weak. Professor Deen Freelon’s statement is disgusting, dreary and predictable. The Left hates Dr. Ben Carson and here are a few reasons why: 

1. Dr. Ben Carson is an existential threat to the America Race Industry and their business model which is rooted in an anti-American practice of peddling in a poisonous politics that draws blacks into a racial identity that retards advancement more than racism itself ever could.

2. Dr. Ben Carson completely obliterates the notion so often perpetuated by the American Race Industry that because of America’s past, no blacks, regardless of there talent and opportunity, should be held to any mainstream standard of morality or academic success.  

3. Dr. Ben Carson is a Christian conservative who openly rejects the falseness of an Affirmative Action America, where some are held to a lower standard based on skin color. Standing up for the U.S. Constitution, Dr. Ben Carson revitalizes the meaning of American exceptionalism, where the individual is created equal under the law and is free to fail or succeed no matter what group you are born into. 

4. Dr. Ben Carson makes hive-minded Media elites nauseous and self-centered Washington politicians nervous. 

5. Dr. Ben Carson has hinted at a run for the presidency, an idea, that, if realized, could mean the end to the Democrat’s Dependency Agenda. 

In response to The dreary predictability of the racialist Left: