Rush: There's Only One Acceptable Way to be Black in America

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program yesterday that he was left “viscerally sad” and “depressed” after hearing MSNBC host, Touré, call Dr. Ben Carson the GOP’s “black friend.” 

“But when I saw this last night, I have to tell you I just got viscerally sad. I became depressed and I didn’t try to disguise it. I just… It was a feeling of utter frustration at what is happening in our country, particularly culturally. There is a personality on MSNBC whose name is Toure. He’s black, and he is a young fool[…] He is a classic example of somebody who is dangerous precisely because of what he thinks he knows that isn’t right, and he took it upon himself to try to destroy Dr. Ben Carson. He did it in a vile, almost uncivilized manner. The things that he said about Ben Carson were just filthy. They were despicable. It was worse than calling him an Uncle Tom. What depressed me was that Toure — this young fool Toure — doesn’t deserve to be in the same conversation with Ben Carson. This Toure could live a thousand years; he’ll never be anywhere near what Ben Carson is.”

Rush went on to describe how Touré’s racial bigotry is openly accepted and applauded among the Left, and the effects that legitimizing such “filth”  has had on American culture. 

“The fact that this is happening in our country and culture, frankly, folks, it just depresses me, that commentary like that is promoted, applauded, rewarded. This was the epitome of despicable, and just vile stuff that was said about someone who is not even close to these kinds of allegations. It got me to thinking. And this is another thing that’s very sad to me. There’s a very sobering, depressing reality, and we all know it. There’s only one acceptable way to be black in America. Only one. Only one acceptable way to be black and it isn’t Ben Carson.” 

Rush is right. We have fallen so far out of alignment with our founding ideals, that every man is created equal in the eyes of God. Touré’s venomous message echoes what our colleges and grade schools teach, what our media communicates, what so many movies dramatize, and what The Civil Rights establishment promotes: that America is still as racist as ever and if you’re white, the only acceptable response is for you to nod your head and agree, and if you’re black, you better not ever think for yourself.