April Fools Day Prank Ends in Murder Charge

But only briefly.

A woman attempted to pull a prank on her sister with this prank call:

“I shot my husband. I’m cleaning up the mess. Let’s go bury him in Blackwater.”

I imagine she had a whole night of clean-up planned — fake blood, a fake body wrapped in a carpet, and so on.

Unfortunately, the sister spoiled things by calling the cops. The prankster had cops show up with guns drawn.

I guess her sister doesn’t love her as much as she thought.

Fortunately, the situation was eventually resolved, and the murder charge has been dropped.

People seem to be raising pranks to the level of the Michael Douglas/David Fincher movie The Game. I consider myself to have a good sense of humor, and I do like some Outrageous Behavior, but, as a commenter on my site asked, what happens if your fake-kidnapping prank-victim has a gun? Seems to be courting serious danger here.