Beyonce and Jay-Z are Useful Idiots: Now Let's Solve the Problem

In response to Beyoncé and Jay-Z Do Cuba:

Anyone who’s read my articles know I’m a huge fan of both Beyonce and Jay-Z.  I love Beyonce as an artist and I love Jay-Z as a philosopher.  Does their trip to Cuba change any of this?  NO!

Beyonce dropped out of high school to follow her music career and Jay-Z learned most of his lessons on the street corners of New York.  I don’t expect them to know the difference between the Capitalism of America and the Communism of Cuba.  Even though I thought Beyonce would have learned her lesson performing in front of Qaddafi. But I digress.

Until I started my own research, I couldn’t tell you the difference.  I can also guarantee a majority of the black community doesn’t know the difference and therefore, the Right’s attack on Beyonce and Jay-Z will seem trivial and another assault against Blacks. 


The question is how do you solve the problem?  How do you take away the power of the Useful Idiot?

By not waiting until Beyonce and Jay-Z go to Cuba or Michael Moore makes a documentary, to clearly define the differences.  The left loves personalization.  Is this story about Cuba and how Communism wrecks a country or just the hypocrisy of Beyonce and Jay-Z?  Is it about wishing Beyonce and Jay-Z get a taste of their own medicine or about making sure Communism, and its effects, never reach the shores of America?

Do we give the Useful Idiots power by attacking them? Or do we take away their power by attacking the system they so ignorantly praise?


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