Why I Won't Defend Condoleezza Rice at Augusta

Why I Won't Defend Condoleezza Rice at Augusta

BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE TO!  Condoleezza Rice is dawning her green jacket with a huge smile on her face.  To even acknowledge Marc Lamont Hill or any other hypocritical lefty is to do a great disservice to the celebration that should belong to Condolezza Rice and Condoleezza Rice alone.

Think about it like this, it’s your birthday and your drunk uncle shows up and acts a fool.  Do you want to kick him out and continue on like he never appeared or do you let him linger and disrupt until everyone is ready to go home because they are so uncomfortable? 

The Left will always attack, so what?  How often does Condoleezza Rice come out to defend herself against their attacks?  Only when it’s profitable, like a book tour. The rest of the time she continues on, padding her resume and increasing her mark on history.  Don’t let them steal that away by focusing on the drunk uncle.

Oh, and a quick message for those in my generation.  Pay attention. They tell you what you can’t do because the “White Man” won’t let you do it.  Then when a Black Republican or Conservative crushes their barriers, they tell you the it’s a hollow victory. 


I want to you look at Condi’s hater list.  Let’s just say, it’s extensive.  And when you have a hater list that long, it usually means you’re doing something RIGHT!


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