Ever Notice That When the Left Says “We’re All to Blame” It Sounds Suspiciously Like “*You’re* All to Blame”?

The Accusative Case of the pronoun “we:”

It’s a variation on the Royal We. The Accusative-Case* We, maybe.The left considers itself outside society, a critic apart from it, above it, superior to it, as a teacher is above and superior to his students. So any mention of “society” is an attempt to put blame on others.

And the “we/us” language is the Accusative version of the pronoun; they don’t mean they themselves.Have you ever heard someone on the left specifically take responsibility for such a horror? The left could say, for example, “Perhaps by promoting terrorists as icons and to university professorships, we have transmitted the idea that terrorism is acceptable.” That would be a real expression of “We’re to blame,” we including the speaker.

The true use of “we.”But of course they never say such things. It’s always “We’re all to blame, because of various things you (and specifically not I) are guilty of.”

I suggest perhaps we need a grammar-based intervention, and insist they use words properly, or else we need to start differentiating between cis-we (the nearside we, the real we, we meaning “a group including myself) and trans-we (farside we, a false we, a we intended to mean “people other than myself”).

Or maybe we could just cut to the chase and call it the Passive-Aggressive Voice.