Whistleblower Lawyer: ARB's Gen Pickering 'Became Physically Ill' at Thought of Dealing with Hillary

When the Accountability Review Board’s report on Benghazi came out, last December, John Bolton noted that the State Dept. was basically investigating itself,  and suggested that their assertions might not hold up to scrutiny. 

It looks like the ARB’s findings are indeed not holding up to scrutiny. The report is being savaged by the attorneys who are representing material witnesses who they say were ignored by the ARB. 

Washington power couple Victoria Toensing and her husband Joseph diGenova, who are each representing a whistleblower who will testify Wednesday at the House Oversight and Reform hearing on Benghazi, appeared on Geraldo Saturday night to talk about the case. 

Toensing will be representing Gregory Hicks, Foreign Service Officer and former Deputy Chief of Mission/Chargé d’Affairs in Libya. di Genova is representing Mark Thompson, the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism. 

Toensing told Geraldo that “the things that her client will be saying will be contradictory to what the administration’s scenario was.” 

Di Genova promised that “what will come out of the hearing is that the Accountability Review Board conducted by General Pickering and Admiral Mullen will be proven to have been a cover-up – one of the worst jobs ever done in the history of governmental reporting….didn’t even interview the Sec. of State for their report and how you can do a Benghazi investigation and not interview the Sec of State and not interview a series of people who were intimately involved in Benghazi and asked to be interviewed and were declined to be interviewed. The Benghazi report by the ARB is a cover up”, di Genova repeated. 

According to di Genova, when Pickering was told that he was going to have to deal with the “seventh floor” – aka Hillary – he was told that the General became physically ill and didn’t want to deal with it. 

“Did the government cover up the facts and circumstances that lead to the tragic deaths of four heroic Americans?” Geraldo asked.