Obama Is So Outraged by the IRS Targeting Tea Party Groups…

…that he waited a full three days before saying anything about it, and then only in response to a question from a journalist.

…that he joined Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in demanding the resignation of the head of the IRS, in a bipartisan gesture to restore public confidence.

…that he called on Attorney General Eric Holder to begin an immediate investigation into the IRS in preparation for possible prosecutions.

…that he immediately summoned Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury, to prepare recommendations to prevent similar abuses.

…that he retracted and apologized for a list of Romney donors his campaign published, which caused some to be targeted by government agencies.

…that he admitted his attacks on the Citizens United ruling, including a public rebuke of the Supreme Court, may have encouraged abuses of 501(c)4 groups.

…that he acknowledged that a joke he told in 2009 about the IRS targeting his political enemies may have given some officials the wrong idea.

…that he proposed delaying the enforcement of Obamacare until the IRS officials responsible had been fired and until necessary reforms had been made.

…that he suggested he had been given cause to reconsider his claim that government tyranny was “impossible” because “government is us.”

…that he allowed that despite his recent remarks to Ohio State graduates, some skepticism of government might be justified after all.

No–none of that happened, except the first bit. 

But rest assured, President Obama is outraged that the IRS abused its power to attack his political rivals.