The new normal of State-controlled religion

In response to IRS Asked Pro-Life Group To Include The Content Of Their Prayers?!:

Come, come, Debra!  Surely you cannot be surprised that the People’s Glorious Internal Revenue Service would be reviewing prayers.  After all, the ObamaCare commissars get to decide whose “religious conscience” is legitimate.  We must be careful about allowing such quaint beliefs to interfere with the State’s urgent mission to make some people pay for other peoples’ birth control.  

And none of this is new to Barack Obama’s regime.  We’ve always had a First Amendment that clearly states the government can approve some religious beliefs – or even make them mandatory in schools, as with the Church of Global Warming – while suppressing others.  

As long as no one with sincere religious beliefs is allowed to serve in government, the First Amendment is satisfied.  Well, unless their religious beliefs are helpful to the power of the State, as with Obama’s lectures about Christ the Tax Collector.  That’s okay.  But if you believe there is any sort of divine authority that transcends the power of government… well, that’s the sort of thing the First Amendment was written to protect the State against, is it not?  The Constitution is all about giving power to the government so it can fulfill the marvelous “positive rights” of the people as it sees fit.

Since we’ve got pro-life organizations told by the IRS they must also promote abortion in order to earn their tax exemption, surely there must be pro-abortion nonprofits instructed to distribute pro-life literature, right?  I’m sure we’ll be hearing about them any day now.