A brave new frontier in the sexualization of children

Writing at the American SpectatorRobert Stacy McCain perceptively identifies a perky blonde Florida teenager as the “poster girl” for pedophilia:

The case involves Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt, an 18-year-old in Sebastian, Florida, who was arrested in February after admitting that she had a lesbian affair with a 14-year high-school freshman. (Click here to read the affidavit in Hunt’s arrest.) It is a felony in Florida to have sex with 14-year-olds. Hunt was expelled from Sebastian High School — where she and the younger girl had sex in a restroom stall — and charged with two counts of “felony lewd and lascivious battery on a child.” The charges could put Hunt in prison for up to 15 years. Prosecutors have offered Hunt a plea bargain that would spare her jail time, but her supporters have organized an online crusade to have her let off scot-free — in effect, nullifying Florida’s law, which sets the age of consent at 16.

Using the slogan “Stop the Hate, Free Kate” (the Twitter hashtag is #FreeKate) this social-media campaign has attracted the support of liberals including Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Daily Kos, Think Progress and the gay-rights group Equality Florida. Undoubtedly, part of the appeal of the case is that Hunt is a petite attractive green-eyed blonde. One critic wondered on Twitter how long activists have “been waiting for a properly photogenic poster child of the correct gender to come along?”

Some people appear to be drawn into the “Free Kate” orbit because they incorrectly believe she was only 17 when the incident occurred, so the prosecution is unjust.  Many of them portray her as the victim of anti-gay prejudice.  But an awful lot of her support does seem to come from people who think it should be cool for 18-year-olds to get jiggy with much younger partners, largely discarding the concept of an age of consent.

This reminded me of the big push to get morning-after birth control pills into the hands of young girls.  Recently the FDA declared they should be available to 15-year-olds over the counter, without parental consent.  But the “morning-after pill movement” really wants them in the hands of 11-year-olds, if not younger, since they don’t like the requirement that purchasers must present a photo ID.  And of course, it won’t be long before demands are made that these sex supplies must be handed out for “free,” since it’s now received liberal wisdom that asking people to pay for birth control is tantamount to “denying access.”  Besides, where’s an 11-year-old going to get the money for those pills? Perhaps from an older sex partner?

The libertine is now presented as a substitute for the libertarian.  Sex without limits is advocated by people who want government regulations to clamp down on every other aspect of life.  It’s an easy way for the subjects of the Leviathan State to pretend they’re brave free-thinking rebels.  And it serves the interests of the State, because it wishes to blur the differences between men and women.  An appreciation for those differences leads to reverence for marriage and family, which are conducive to independence, and therefore interfere with the proper dependent relationship between Mother Government and her interchangeable children.

What the Left wants is a great host of “Julias,” the faceless, helpless dependent featured in Obama 2012 campaign propaganda – a hypothetical girl who becomes the single mom of an equally faceless child, and owes every aspect of her personal and career fulfillment to an expensive government program.  And if you want to raise a nation of Julias, you’ve got to start working on them when they’re young.  You can’t have them holding off on sex until they’re old enough to start thinking deeply about the proper relationship between sex, marriage, and child-rearing.  Also, some big-money interests friendly to the liberal platform make huge amounts of money selling sexual imagery to young people, as well as using the young to sell sex to its older audience.

An age of consent means that children still live under the authority of their parents until they’re old enough to make their own decisions about weighty affairs.  And we must have no authority higher than the State.