BuzzFeed Writer Finds It 'Bizarre' That Gays Have 2nd Amendment Rights, Too

Sarah Karlan of BuzzFeed finds it “bizarre” that pro-gay, pro-guns ads are popping up in Washington State.  The sarcastic subtitle of the post: “Because gun control and LGBT rights go hand-in-hand, obviously.”

Actually, there are lots of gays and lesbians who defend themselves thanks to the 2nd Amendment.  If more did, there would probably be less violence against them in large, liberal-run cities. 

I readily admit that the ads might not use the best photos or wording, but BuzzFeed’s Karlan takes issue with the assumption that one can be pro-gay and pro-gun.  As one commenter says, “This is not ‘strange news’, many LGBT folks I know are pro-gun and understand quite well the need to defend themselves. Does anyone think that the LGBT community and firearms community don’t overlap? If so, how prejudiced of you. This article frames the campaign as if all LGBT folks are in lockstep with president on every issue including second amendment rights. I can assure you that this is not the case.”

Another, who says he does favor some gun control measures, wrote, “How are these ads bizarre? If anything, this viewpoint is very in line with some libertarian ideas regarding civil rights. Whoever is responsible for these ads clearly believes that if the government has no right to be in your bedroom, then they have no right to take away your right to defend yourself.”

Here’s one of the ads: