Anti-Cruz Twitter Protest Fails

When the radical left found out Ted Cruz would be speaking at a fundraiser in NYC, Wednesday night, a protest was organized over his support for the second Amendment. Those who couldn’t make it to the actual event from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. were directed to tweet on Senator Cruz’s  twitter account and also post on his Facebook page, using the hashtag #youcruzyoulose. 

Erick Erickson of Red State caught wind of this, and enlisted the help of conservatives on Twitter and Facebook to combat the onslaught. He launched his own counter-hashtag, #CruzToVictory, which is currently the #1 trending term on Twitter. 

#youcruzyoulose never registered. 

A group of about a hundred shouting, chanting, drumming protesters” showed up  outside the midtown Manhattan hotel where Cruz spoke to the state GOP tonight. Some were pro-illegal immigrant, and others had pro gun control messages. 

Cruz took a different entrance and didn’t see the protests. Inside the ballroom, he said he respected their right to express themselves. “It’s important that we have a civil dialogue on the issues that matter to all of us,” he said.
He also responded to Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., for boycotting the dinner, in protest at Cruz’s opposition to aid for victims for Superstorm Sandy.
“I have not met Mr. King, but I think it is unfortunate that he was not able to join us,” Cruz said.

Edward Cox, chairman of the New York state Republicans, defended Cruz’s stance on Sandy aid. “That was a vote against pork. It was not against Sandy aid,” he said.

After all these years, Peter King still doesn’t know how these things work?