Italian Beachgoers Ignore Dead Bodies On Shores

Italian Beachgoers Ignore Dead Bodies On Shores

Two foreigners died on beaches in Italy last Monday, but according to a report in the Telegraph, beachgoers apparently ignored the sight of the dead bodies and carried on with their activities.  The bodies were covered with sheets before being taken to emergency services but their presence on the beach did not seemingly interfere with any summer fun. 

In the first instance, a 78-year-old Russian Valentina Rausman died in the water from an apparent heart attack in the resort region of Formia. Just a few yards from her body, it was reported that beachgoers were playing with balls and reading newspapers. 

In Calabria, a 19-year-old Moroccan boy drowned and prior to his body was removed, it was reported that a group teenagers was seen playing in the background. 

The mayor of the Formia region had this to say: “The people who behaved like that should be ashamed of themselves.”

He then quickly ducked out for a game of bocce ball